• Areas of Practice

    Auto Accidents, Slip and Falls
    Criminal Law
    Real Estate Closings
    Contract Disputes
    Corporate Law
    Wills, Trusts and Estates
    Workers’ Compensation
    Probate Court

  • Auto Accidents, Slip and Falls

  • Unfortunately many Americans are involved in car accidents each year. Fortunately most accidents do not result in serious injuries, but for those cases where there are injuries, an attorney at your side can prevent an unfortunate situation from becoming worse. Who will be there to protect your rights?

    Vessicchio & Smith, LLC, has over 15 combined years counseling clients who have been hurt in auto accidents. We have experience handling every aspect of an auto accident claim including health insurance issues; property damage claims; getting clients to the right specialist for their injury; and trying auto accident cases.

    If you have been hurt in an auto accident, don’t face these issues alone; call Vessicchio & Smith, LLC. We will help you find your way. The phone call is free but the advice is priceless.

  • Criminal Law

  • When the government is prosecuting you, having an attorney at your side is essential. Once you are arrested, the police and prosecutors are your adversaries. They are not your friends nor are they your confessors! They have prosecuted thousands of people just like you, and it’s your first time going through this confusing process. Who do you think is going to win?

    Hiring the attorneys at Vessicchio & Smith, LLC will level the playing field. Mark and Melissa have handled hundreds of criminal cases. They know about all the various programs available to a criminal defendant to avoid jail time.

    If you are facing criminal charges, don’t face these issues alone; call Vessicchio & Smith, LLC. We will help you find your way. The phone call is free the advice is priceless.

  • Real Estate Closings

  • Congratulations!!! You just bought a house or sold a house! Well, not exactly, you have a contract to buy or sell a home. Who is going to explain the consequences of this transaction? In most cases, you have just sold the largest asset you possess or you have just promised a lender that you will make payments for the next 30 years! Don’t you want to have an expert at your side to explain your rights and remedies?

    Vessicchio & Smith, LLC have years of experience dealing with commercial and residential closings. They understand the emotional, financial, and legal issues that are involved with selling a home and buying a new one. We will give you straight answers to your questions and tell you what your options are.

    If you are buying or selling a home or you are involved in a commercial real estate transaction, don’t leave it to chance. Call Vessicchio & Smith, LLC. We will help you find your way. The phone call is free, the advice is priceless.

  • Divorce, Child Custody, Domestics & Prenups

  • Family matters can be overwhelming. Some can be stressful, like divorce or custody, while others are exciting, like marriage or adopting a child. Either way, the procedures can be confusing. The emotional factors mixed with the legal formalities may leave some individuals in a rough patch. An attorney assisting you during these events can avoid unwanted outcomes.

    Marital breakdowns, asset management and protection, alimony, child custody, child support . . . the list goes on. Don’t go it alone. If you are getting married or divorced and want to protect your assets, or are experiencing legal issues concerning a child, get the help of Vessicchio & Smith, LLC. We are caring and compassionate, and will make these overwhelming times easier.

    When you are faced with a legal family matter, call the law firm who understands. We will work diligently to get your life back on track and in the direction you want it to go. The phone call is free, but the advice is priceless.

  • Contract Disputes & Corporate Law

  • To succeed in today’s competitive business environment one must know the rules of the game.

    A contract is a legally binding promise. §3 Restatement Second of Contracts. Unfortunately, promises are broken every day. When a contract is breached, the law allows you to be compensated. Who will show you how to get compensated and advise you on the right way to go if you become victim of a contract breach?

    If you retain Vessicchio & Smith, LLC, you will have attorneys working hard to enforce those broken promises. We can try to settle the claim directly with the party, or take them to court if they are unreasonable.

    If you need guidance to run your business, Vessicchio & Smith, LLC can help. We have the experience and skills to advise your business. Not only are the partners of the firm entrepreneurs and small businessmen themselves, John and Melissa have degrees in business administration. You will get a corporation counsel who gives practical and pragmatic advice on how to avoid legal pitfalls and handle legal problems, thereby protecting your bottom line and your legal interests.

    Call Vessicchio & Smith, LLC. Remember, the phone call is free but the advice is priceless.

  • Wills, Trusts and Estates

  • Although the decision to draft a will and other testamentary documents is not a pleasant one, it is the responsible thing to do. By taking this initiative, you are ensuring that your loved ones will know your intentions and wishes. If you do not draft a will or a trust, your life’s wealth will be distributed according to the Connecticut Legislature’s wishes, not your own. Who can you trust to make sure your family is taken care of when you are gone?

    Vessicchio & Smith, LLC have the experience to make sure your wishes are followed and your assets are protected after you are gone. Whether it is a simple will or a complex trust we can advise you on what is right in your particular circumstances.

    When you want the peace of mind to know your loved ones will be taken care of after you are gone, call Vessicchio & Smith, LLC. Remember, the phone call is free, the advice is priceless.

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • When you are injured on the job you have two major concerns- getting well and financial security. Worker’s Compensation allows you to receive the care and treatment you deserve and the lost income from your injury. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are more concerned with saving a few dollars than your well being. Who will be your advocate and make sure you get what you deserve?

    Vessicchio & Smith, LLC will be there every step of the way to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. We will try our best to get you and your family their benefits.

    When you have been injured on the job and need guidance through the Workers’ Compensation system, let Vessicchio & Smith, LLC show you the way. Remember, the phone call is free, the advice is priceless.

  • Mediation and Arbitration Services

  • Sometimes people want to settle disputes more quickley and with less costs by using alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR) such as mediating or arbitrating their case. Both sides must agree to enter into ADR like mediation or arbitration. Once side cannot force the other to enter into these alternative dispute resolution vehicles. The definition of arbitration and mediation are:

    ARBITRATION: When parties want to arbitrate a dispute, they present their arguments to a neutral party, the Arbitrator, who then renders a decision on who should win and how much they shoud pay.

    MEDIATION: When parties agree to mediate a dispute, they ask the Mediator to assist them in reaching an agreeable solution to all parties.

    Vessicchio & Smith, LLC offer mediation and arbitration services for the following areas of law: Plaintiff’s Personal Injury, Divorce, Support, Custody, Contract Disputes, Business Litigation, and Real Estate Disputes. When you find yourself looking to use the alternative dispute resolution techniques of mediation and arbitration, let Vessicchio & Smith, LLC help you through the process. Remember, the phone call is free, the advice is priceless.